The Iceberg Protocol

The ICEBERG Protocol is a game-changing Protocol that enables Smart Supply Management through a process of  Auto-Vesting and Burning tokens on a predefined schedule. The tokens are secured in a Smart Contract whose sole function is to ‘Burn’. They are locked and vested for a predetermined period of time and a percentage of the tokens are burned on Schedule. This enables a consistent decrease in the supply and an equally consistent increase in price.

This unique, game-changing ICEBERG PROTOCOL can be applied to any Project. The Auto-Vest-Burn system can be used to help significantly raise token price and establish a healthy token supply very quickly. Avoid migrations and other temporary fixes by applying for  the ICEBERG PROTOCOL Service for your Project today.

The process:

1. Fill out the Contact form and Iceberg Labs will contact you within 48 hours.

2. Once an agreement has been reached, send the number of tokens your Project would like Burned to The Iceberg Protocol Contract address provided.

3. Iceberg Labs will Burn the tokens in accordance with the Schedule as detailed in the submitted Contact Form.

4. Fees for this service are payable in Iceberg tokens.

If you are interested in utilizing the Iceberg Protocol for your Project, please fill out the following form and Iceberg Labs will contact you within 48 hours with a price quotation...

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